Kaylynn Hunt

Review by Serious Reading.....

It is inspiring authors like Kaylynn Hunt who show that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. A Detroit native, contrary to her main protagonist Savannah, she got married at an early age of 23, and by the time she was divorced at 28, she had three children to feed and support. Being brought up sharing her stories with close friends and families since middle school, she decided it was time to put her true skills to work. With an insatiable passion for writing, she is one of those aspiring writers who are just beginning to unveil their exceptional writing skills. Her art to bring paper to life is one that is most commendable by her fans. As of today, the writer enjoys her time living in the suburban Metropolitan Detroit in the embrace of her close friend and loved ones.Holding the imagination of her readers hostage, Kaylynn is back with a bang with her new thriller Catching Dreams (After the Vengeance). Kaylynn.....

Nichole - a lifelong friend of Savannah’s who secretly hates her success. Envious of what Savannah has and has survived through; she always has a “don’t look on the bright side” attitude. Will her loyalty lie with self or a friend when duty calls?

Shawn – smooth operator who found himself on a LONG list of “Hobbies.” He refuses to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd, he wants to be the only one on the list. Does he have the right approach? Is he up for the challenge of taming the unmanageable? Maybe his own secrets will ruin his chances at staying on the list at all.

Savannah - Same sassy, carefree woman of old. But maybe a brush with death causes her to spin out of control. Who's going to be there to catch her when or if she falls.

Georgia - Now wife and mother of 2, can't devote all her time to keeping up with her bestie. They are in two different worlds. Will their friendship survive?

Sassy, sexy, savvy Savannah is back to her old self, or is she? She’s the same fun loving, uninhibited, spirited woman but deep down something has changed.

Before Savannah was captivated by Casanova she was happy living the single life.

Before she became the victim of a stalker, Savannah didn’t care who she conquered.

Before she found herself lying comatose, she thought her world was in her control.  

The things no one knew Savannah ever dreamed of surface when least expected. She embraces the inevitability of change. Along with her triumphs comes tragedy. Savannah faces circumstances that leave her once again proving her strength. Can she hold on to her sanity in the face of a harsh reality?