Kaylynn Hunt

The Short Story Series

Volume 2 ~ Not Forgotten

Jessie shows us her acceptance of vulnerability, something foreign to her. Take a peek into her past life and her hopes for the future. Understand her heart and mind as she takes this journey from her past loves to hopes for the new one.

Volume 3 ~ Not Destined

Jessie is captivated in a world she believes should belong to her. Drawn in by fantasies she never knew belonged to her. Get a look into just how far she’s willing to go. See what takes her away. Will her dreams come to fruition? What will she do in a world all of her own?

Volume 4 ~ insatiable

Jessie shows us if her world is going to come crashing down she’s going to go down with it on fire. Determined to not fall into a hole she just brings everything down on top of her.  Will her out of control spiral land her on her head or feet? See what or comes tumbling down with her.

Volume 1 ~ Reunited ~

Jessie leads a colorful (for lack of a better description)life. Follow her throughout her journey in love, loss and lust. Jessie is a young woman who is fanciful and free. She gets caught in a fantasy world when the lines of reality become blurry. Read along as her blurred lines become clear when she makes decisions not many people will understand.



Meet Jessie a moderately successful artist looking for love in all the wrong places. Follow her steamy tale through, love, loss, heartaches and heartbreaks. Watch her misguided thoughts and her misjudged loyalty to the wrong people. With each volume you learn a little more about her past and begin to hope more for her future.