Kaylynn Hunt

Love With A Vengeance


Savannah:  Sassy, sexy, single and refuses to conform to the way society believes she should behave or carry herself. Full of confidence and conviction. She never professes to be perfect and isn't trying to win acceptance of anyone. She has big plans for her life and not being tied down by a man is critical. Her belief is that relationships are ove...r-rated and the hassle far out ways the benefits.

Georgia: Life long best friend, more like sister to Savannah some may say they're almost the same person. Well educated, career driven and living well is not all she desires. Waiting on a candidate for that white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog lifestyle she's haunted by a secret that can turn one person's life upside down.

Tyrone: Handsome, successful real estate mogul who never fully recovered from heartbreak in his freshman year of college. This 1st and only love left him with no rhyme or reason for walking away. As if by fate they soon cross paths and he wants to pick up where they left off. But will the reason for her abrupt departure be enough closure for him this time around.

Damion: On top on the world entrepreneur and ladies man who finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Smitten with who he thought would be just another notch on his headboard & not really ready to give up all his conquests leaves him over run with jealousy and insecurity. Trying to have his cake and eat it too turn out to be very costly and possibly even deadly.

Successful, confident, creative, attractive and independent are some of many ways to describe this Detroit business woman.  Savannah never would’ve been considered a one man woman. Variety had always been the spice of her life and she wasn’t sure she would be satisfied in any other way. When the man of her dreams crash lands in her life, she begins to rethink the path she followed. Just when she was attempting to throw in her hand of player’s cards, chaos ensues. For once in her life Savannah finds herself in a situation her slick talk and carefree attitude won’t get her out of. Consequences soon catch up with her and it is a matter of life or the forever after.

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