Kaylynn Hunt

Recipe Makers

Moreen: A woman who wants to be in control of every aspect of her life. She gets caught in a whirlwind spiraling out of control. Armed with surprises she thinks she has her husband right where she wants him.

Lucas: A successful entrepreneur who only wants to have a family and marriage that ones can envy. He begins ignoring the signs of a failing marriage, simply to hold on to the idea.

Destiny: Desperate to live the dream she once threw away. She will use any means and anyone to get back what she thought she would never get back again.

The Recipe

Preheated to 400o

1 16 oz. bag of cheating
1 cup of lies
1 1/2 cups of back-stabbing
2 cups of seduction

3 tbsp of manipulation

1 tbsp of revenge
a pinch of rage

Mix them together with a heart broken, psychotic woman and grief. Stand back and watch Destiny explode.......

The Deception

Lucas and Moreen Harrison appear to be a happy couple on the surface. But they say never judge a book by its cover. This one is no different.

Lucas is a man who only wants to take care of his family and thrive in business. But he finds the haunts of a past love and life too distracting. He becomes mesmerized by a gorgeous woman with a beautiful soul, unaware of her good and bad intentions.

Moreen craves intimacy that has been lacking on the home front. She allows herself to be charmed and swept off her feet by a Casanova found in an unlikely place.  Confident that her husband would just about allow anything rather than be alone, she finds power to immerse herself in this sea of seduction. 

The two are caught in a web of lies they unknowingly weaved together. This ordinary love triangle takes another shape all of its own. Both thought their truths would be hidden from the light. Neither of them realizes they are in the hands of Destiny.